Check to see if you internet connection is currently working. Go to another device connected to your internet (like a computer, tablet, gaming system, or even another smart TV) and pull up a web page. If that device is also having issues, your internet may be experiencing …

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Smart TV Connection Tip #6—Try A Wired Connection Most smart televisions in the U.S. use wireless connections, but many also have a port to accept a wired connection. Many home routers also have two to eight wired access ports, so if your router is near your television, you can side-step the whole connection issue by using a cheap ethernet

For the past week or so, I've lost internet connection. I have a wireless connection. This has occurred three times, the last time today about an hour ago. I do a troubleshoot to resolve the problem and reconnect. I've checked the router connection and nothing seems to be wrong. I contacted Ver This is either because A. Internets aren’t all Mr. Perfect. All internet should at least malfunction at least once a week, if not, two. You simply just have to Streaming issues are usually because of a weak Wi-Fi ® signal or slow connection speed. For the best experience, make sure you have the suggested internet speeds. Not sure how fast your internet is? Test it now Improve your Wi-Fi signal These tips can improve your Wi-Fi ® connection: Move your Wi-Fi gateway or router to a central location in