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The Apple TV remote works well enough but many people detest having multiple remote controls and prefer to control their entire media center experience from a single input. If you’re one of those people you’re in luck. Your Apple TV there can learn to accept input from your TV… Getting Apple TV to Work with Samsung TV - Apple Community Feb 23, 2010 How to Watch YouTube TV on Apple TV | Tom's Guide Fire up your Apple TV and head to the App Store. It's the blue icon with the sticks shaped to form an "A." 2. As of this writing, it's easy to find YouTube TV. (Notice that big black banner ad.) How to Connect Your iPhone to Your TV |

Nov 21, 2019

Jul 15, 2020 How to Connect a MacBook to a TV (with Pictures) - wikiHow Jan 12, 2020 Can you watch Apple TV+ on a Vizio TV? | CordCutters

DISH + Apple ® TV allows you to choose which apps you want to download so you can access all the movies and programs you need. Apple allows you to view your iCloud photos and videos as well as listen to Apple Music through the box. You can also use your iPhone as a remote or ask questions to Siri, the voice of Apple’s iOS.

How to Watch YouTube TV on Apple TV | Tom's Guide